Website has been updated

This website has been updated to address the COVID 19 pandemic

This website has been updated to address the urgent need to wear face masks during the COVID 19 pandemic. Please follow the new navigation.

Remember, face masks are often beneficial because:

  • Viruses are often attached to larger airborne particles.

  • Although not certified to do so, some masks will filter out some particles smaller than .3 microns.

  • Masks discourage the wearer from touching nose and mouth, which may be a mechanism of transmission.

  • Some masks perform better than a N95 rating.

  • There are new, emerging face masks that offer biodirectional protection and actually kill deadly viruses when the wearer is either inhaling or exhaling.

Donate Masks to Others

If you are a mask manufacturer and want your face mask to be considered for publication on our website, please send a sample supply for review along with a press release. We'll then donate your masks to local organizations including medical personnel and front line workers. Only quality masks will be considered for review and highlighted on our website.